We’re the Southwestern Market Leader:

  1. AIS Data Centers is the largest and most established provider of data center and cloud services in the Southwest. We know what it takes to support complex, demanding, growing environments.
  2. AIS Data Centers is the only Southwest regional service provider to achieve SSAE 16 SOC 1, 2, 3 Type 2 audited certifications. We’re also the only ones with Title 21 CFR Part 11. Compliance matters if you are regulated.
  3. AIS Data Centers owns and operates its own MPLS backbone built on top of a redundant optical network spanning from Los Angeles to San Diego to Phoenix. Security, performance, and control are your benefits.
  4. AIS Data Centers has more than 40 Gbps of Internet connectivity and more than 70 BGP peering and backbone connections spread across multiple facilities. Clients enjoy “bullet-proof” Tier 1 carrier performance.
  5. AIS Data Centers employs full-time professional staff certified with ITIL v3, Cisco, and VMware for 24x7x365 monitoring. Our people know what they are doing, which makes your job easier.
  6. AIS Data Centers operates geographically diverse (yet logically independent) data centers for Disaster Recoverypurposes. Have confidence knowing your data and apps are not subject to single points of failure.
  7. AIS BusinessCloud is the only Southwest cloud solution that provides Layer 3 VPN connectivity between client equipment, cloud resources, and remote DR resources. You get on-net performance and security.
  8. AIS Data Centers has permanently-installed emergency stand-by engine generator capacity at each data center. Clients enjoy continuous uptime — even when the electric company suffers an outage.
  9. AIS Data Centers is the only Southwestern service provider to have deployed IPv6 natively across its premium access network, with peering to both backbone providers and clients. The future has already arrived at AIS.
  10. AIS Data Centers has the only manufacturer-certified connectivity cabling (structured cabling) installers, of any data center provider in southern California. Showcase your professionalism and pride.
  11. And because size really does matter: AIS Data Centers can offer Fortune 500 client referrals. If we are good enough for them, are we good enough for you too?


Why Outsource in the First Place:

  1. We help you reduce the complexity of infrastructure management while creating better operating efficiencies.
  2. We provide a secure, scalable platform that allows your organization to focus on your core competencies.
  3. The cost savings from reduced capital costs, lower energy consumption, improved system management, and streamlined change management (i.e., ITIL v3) can typically provide a return on investment (ROI) in less than one year.
  4. We provide budget predictability in an area that typically has frequent, expensive, unexpected costs.
  5. The consolidation of your equipment with our multi-million dollar infrastructure eliminates the need for expensive hardware requirements (e.g., Cisco routers, etc.). We can also help you identify systems that can be retired or outsourced.
  6. Scalability allows a high-growth client company to handle peaks in IT business needs and not have to worry about employing their own dedicated group to handle power, cooling, and connectivity needs.
  7. We are aware that secure handling of data has been mandated with severe penalties for non-compliance. In most cases our outsourced data center solutions offer more stringent physical and virtual control and security than most in-house facilities.

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