BCN Solutions Express

BCN Solutions Express is a full service telecommunications provider serving business customers nationwide and globally.

Market Leader:

Thousands of businesses rely on BCN Solutions Express to provide and manage the technologies and solutions powering their communications. We have a long track record of leveraging our deep experience and relationships with leading telecommunications carriers to deliver client-centered solutions that unlock untapped productivity and profitability for our customers.

Custom Solutions:

Using a multi-carrier approach, we blend the latest communications technologies with our proprietary systems and infrastructure to optimize and deliver solutions that meet both current and evolving needs of our business customers. We match underlying carrier strengths with our clients' needs to customize the most advanced, cost-effective and productive solutions for each and every customer.

Commitment to Customers:

From needs assessment and new technology evaluation to network design and implementation, service management and billing optimization, we are committed to exceeding expectations and ensuring that customers get the most out of their communications investment. We back up our comprehensive suite of solutions with first class customer care and support, which is why once a business enterprise becomes a customer, it stays a customer. To wit, BCN Solutions Express has one of the highest customer retention rates of any service provider in the industry.

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