How to Speed Up Your Internet

How to Speed Up Internet

High speed internet provides high benefits to businesses. Let's take a look at the different ways you can work to speed up internet today.

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Stuck watching the spinning buffer instead of a movie? Websites taking forever to load? It's time you speed up Internet connectivity.


This article has easy tweaks to get every bit of bandwidth from your Internet connection.

Start by Measuring How Much You Need

Budgets place many in a bind since most Internet service providers require bundling. Those allowed to split services pay an average $66/mo for broadband services. Prices are on the rise -- even doubling -- in some areas with fixed competition, though.

This begs the question: How much speed do you actually need?

There are three ways to do measure this:

  1. Use a bandwidth monitor like Networx or SurplusMeter
  2. Check your Internet service account
  3. Configure and monitor usage using router firmware

Then, give yourself a +-10 or 20% difference to account for heavy usage.

Why does it matter? It helps you understand:

  • If you're paying more than you need
  • Your Internet habits and how you could use less

What's next?

The Easy Stuff: Minor Tweaks You Can Do to Increase Speeds

Let's explore five easy actions that could speed up Internet connections:

  • Use a cable. WiFi loses strength and speed as you increase distance. There are several factors disrupting the signal like walls and interference. Switch to cabled Ethernet to preserve the highest speeds your service provides.
  • Upgrade the Hardware. Budget $50-$100 and buy a new router using better WiFi standards. Likewise, upgrade your NIC card for $15-$30.
  • Tether. Your phone service may provide tethering. The 4G connection offers up to 50Mbps download speeds. Verify with the provider and use tethering for demanding Internet usages.
  • Change the DNS. The DNS (domain name servers) is what your computer checks for when accessing a website. Use GRC's DNS Benchmark tool to find the best DNS. Then, change the DNS settings in your router options.
  • Block Scripts. AdBlocker and UblockOrigin block scripts and requests. Ads are the primary target, with tracking a close second. Blocking scripts will greatly reduce page bloat requiring less bandwidth to access sites.

Found any other good tips for increasing speeds? Leave a comment. But first, let's get to the real deal about better speeds...

The Big Factor: Pay to Speed Up Internet Services

There's no way to avoid it: Paying for a better service will speed up Internet connectivity. Luckily, there are dozens of vendors providing high-speed service.

Your choices typically include:

  • Major providers like Comcast, Verizon, or Charter
  • Mid-sized providers like Optimum, Frontier, or Exede
  • Local companies tapping into the larger networks

Navigating these options begins with determining your budget and needs.

It's important to ask questions like:

  • What is your average upload/download (and during peak times)?
  • Is this a contract or pay-as-you-go?
  • Are there data caps or bandwidth restrictions?
  • How much will service and hardware rental total?

Use these questions for each ISP offering services in your area. But, do understand you're talking with a sales rep trying to sell their services.

Consider using recommendation services like those we provide. We do the work for you by finding and negotiating the best Internet deals in your favor.

The Need for Speed and Moving Forward

Exhaust your options with the easy tweaks.

Then, combine budgeting and shopping around to find the best Internet deals to your needs.

Let us know what has worked. Else, get in touch. We'll help you discover the best options to speed up Internet services.