Pros of High Speed Internet Service

Understanding the benefits of the types of high speed internet service could help your business tremendously. Read this article to learn more now.

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You'd be hard-pressed to find any business today that doesn't use the internet. But not all internet options are equal. If you don't have high speed internet service, you're probably lagging behind in the competitive race to the top among today's businesses.

Research shows that about eight in 10 people in the United States can access high speed internet. Why? Because it offers a multitude of advantages.

Not totally convinced you should spring for high speed internet service yet? Here's a rundown of the pros of high speed internet for your business.

Let's jump in!

High Speed Internet Service Offers More Cloud Possibilities

Everyone seems to have his or her head in the "cloud" these days. And that's not a bad thing.

Many businesses both small and large are starting to use the cloud to run their processes because it saves on costs related to capital investment.

It also eliminates the need for hardware maintenance onsite, which is a huge win for small businesses.

But to take full advantage of the cloud, you need high speed internet. With this internet option, you can be well on your way to driving down your expenses while simultaneously driving up your company's productivity.

Telecommunications Boost

Large and small businesses alike are moving toward VoIP telephone systems due to their low costs and many features.

High download and upload speeds are possible with a dependable high speed internet service. Thus, when you go the high-speed route, you can expect your company's call quality to match or even exceed that of your conventional copper wire telephone system.

On top of that, you can use features such as easy mobile integration and the automated routing of calls.

Once you get used to using these features, you'll question why it took you so long to get them and the high speed internet service that makes them possible.

File Uploads and Downloads

Let's take a quick look at download and upload speeds again.

High speed internet is absolutely essential if your workers need to share big files with one another across offices. Or if your business uploads videos to the World Wide Web regularly.

Keep in mind that to experience the greatest benefit from your internet connection, you need symmetric connectivity. This is just a fancy way of saying you need equally fast download and upload speeds.

Online Presence

If you're like most business professionals today, you realize how important having a solid online presence is.

With high speed internet, you won't have a hard time uploading your own how-to video content, product demonstrations and other types of multimedia content. All of this content can help you to market your business successlly online.

In addition, your company's social media manager will have a reliable and fast connection, and he or she will love you for it. After all, interacting and connecting with current and prospective customers is not the easiest thing to do with slow internet.

How We Can Help

If you want your company to expand and thrive like never before, you can't ignore the many benefits of high speed internet.

We can help you to find the right internet service provider for your business based on your unique needs. Contact us to find out more about how we can help to push your business forward -- full speed ahead -- with high speed internet.

What's the Difference Between DSL and Cable?

Main Differences: DSL Vs Cable Internet

There are major differences in DSL vs cable internet. Read this article on how to choose between the two and what each of them provides for your business.

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In 2018, a fast and reliable connection to the internet is more important than ever before. In fact, more than half of the entire world uses the internet. That's 918% in growth since 2000.

Because the internet has become so important, there have been many technological advances in the field. What began as a simple connection of a few computers rapidly spread institutionally, personally, and through the use of mobiles to create the complex web of connectivity that we have today.

The internet allows students to complete the research they need to pass their classes. It allows adults to find jobs in places around the world, without actually traveling there. It allows children to play educational games to enrich their learning. Most importantly, The internet provides businesses with another tool to strengthen their company.

If you're a business owner, you'll likely be looking at the best services for the lowest cost to use in your workplace. One choice you will face is to decide: DSL vs cable internet. Let's break this down to make that choice easier.

DSL Internet

DSL is an acronym for "digital subscriber line." These digital subscriber lines use the telephone network that already exists, but you can still make phone calls while using the internet because they use different frequencies.

Because DSL uses the phone lines you already have, it's readily available. In the DSL vs cable internet debate, DSL wins. Although cable networks are common, they're not as commonly found as DSL.

Unlike with cable connections, DSL connections already have dedicated lines. Even if everyone in your town is using the internet at the same time, it will not affect your DSL connection.

Additionally, DSL connections are more economical than other types, like satellite. That's always good news for a business.

Cable Internet

Cable internet is similar to DSL in that it also uses an existing network to function - in this case, the cable network.

Unlike DSL, your distance from the central office will not affect the quality of your connection. Your signal and speed are not as adversely affected by space.

Although some companies advertise certain internet download and upload speeds, remember that these are merely optimal. These speeds are as high as you can possibly go.

If everyone in your neighborhood is using the same cable channel for internet access, you won't see anything close to an optimal speed. Make sure your provider has a dedicated line to avoid this possibility.

Like DSL, cable internet is much cheaper than other methods of connectivity. Of course, all business expenses can be costly, but with cable internet, you won't have to dread receiving your bill every month.

DSL vs Cable Internet

The best person to solve the DSL vs cable internet debate is a professional.

At FasterBusinessInternet.com, we work with over 80 established service providers to bring your business the internet quality that it needs. We help you check for services, assess the technology available within your budget, manage your network projects, and negotiate your final connectivity contract. Contact us for a service availability check today!