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3 Ways to Tell if You Need An Internet Speed Upgrade

3 Ways to Tell if You Need An Internet Cable Speed Test

There are some sure signs that you need an internet cable speed test. Read this article to learn if your business needs an internet improvement.

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Is your internet not up to par with all the tasks needed to be done? If you're experiencing slow speeds even though you have the fastest plan available, it may be time to reevaluate.

While speedy internet is great for the average user, it's needed amongst businesses. You have a mountain of things to do within a day but if your download speed isn't performing well, your business will suffer.

One of the most important things about fast internet is the ability to have multiple users active at once. But if your connection is slow, chances are no one can get their work done in a timely manner.

If this is a continuous thing, you may need a cable speed test.

How can you know for sure? Let's take a look at a few different signs.

Here we go!

There's Constant Buffering

Let's say you're trying to play a video to train new employees. But you're unable to complete the training class because the video keeps buffering.

You get one, maybe two minutes of play time before it pauses. Not only is it annoying but it's a sign you have a bandwidth issue.

Bandwidth is normally limited when you have a poor connection. This also allows video to play with poor quality.

But it's not limited to video. It could result in backups failing or being unable to connect new devices.

If this sound like what you're experiencing then a cable speed test is needed to pinpoint the exact issue.

Your Internet Bill Isn't Adding Up

Everything that's contributing to your slow internet might be right there on your bill. Referring to your most recent one, you'll want to look at your current download and upload speed.

If it's not giving you a direct answer but yet the package you signed up for, take a look at your provider's website. This will show you the information needed to determine if you should run a cable speed test.

You'll want to focus in on how far apart your upload and download speeds are. It should be within 1 to 2 Mbps. And you'll want your regular speed to be in megabytes, not megabits.

Instead of running a test, you'll want to upgrade to the next fastest package.

Your ISP is Purposely Slowing Your Speeds

This could be the result of torrenting or because you've exceeded a data cap. Whatever the reason it may be, a test needs to be run.

Just because you're getting the right internet speed doesn't mean that won't affect download speeds. It could be there's a limit on your usage you're not aware of.

It's best to call your provider to see what's going on. If they're not giving you a straight answer, it may be time to part ways and look for a new one.

Need a Cable Speed Test?

Slow internet can be bothersome, especially when running a business. Whether you're looking for internet for a small business or a large organization, we'll find the right provider for you.

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