China Unicom

China Unicom is a world-leading telecom operator in terms of revenue and customer base, ranking as one of the premier companies in the Fortune Global 500. The company is listed on the stock exchanges of New York, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. We have 31 branches in mainland China and 5 overseas subsidiaries around the world. China Unicom offers both fixed and mobile telecom services for customers via an extensive last mile, long haul and international network. China Unicom owns state-of-the-art telecom networks, providing high quality integrated broadband communication and information services.

China Unicom’s vast global network covers more than 100 countries with direct connections and partnership agreements in place with more than 85 international carriers. We own capacity in a variety of international cable systems and are a member of the consortium that implemented the first trans-pacific cable system, Trans Pacific Express (TPE), to link mainland China with the United States. As the only WCDMA service provider in mainland China, China Unicom has also built up a nationwide HSPA network. China Unicom’s vision is to become the Innovation & Service Leader for an Information Life.

China Unicom employs more than 300,000 people worldwide, with annual revenues in excess of $33 billion USD and assets of more than $52 billion USD. As a publicly traded company, we will disclose material information in a timely manner and in full accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the USA Securities and Exchange Commission.

China Unicom Americas:

China Unicom Americas is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing-based China Unicom Group. As the North American operations of a premier service provider in China, and the wider Asia-Pacific region, we offer a variety of international data, voice, IP, and value added networking solutions. We are deeply committed to providing superior customer service, and are proud of our track record working with many large multi-national institutions in meeting their requirements and exceeding their expectations. China Unicom Americas was established in 2003, and since then has expanded to several regional offices located throughout North America.

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