Masergy owns and operates the largest independent Software Defined Platform in the world, delivering hybrid networking, managed security and cloud communication solutions to enterprises around the globe. Our platform leverages advanced technologies including software defined networking, network function virtualization, advanced machine learning, and big data analytics to drive the flexibility, visibility, and control that enterprise IT teams require. By simplifying complexity through automation, we design, deploy, modify and manage these essential solutions.

Our Software Defined Platform delivers an embedded layer of intelligent analytics and service control to each of our solutions, providing customers with real-time, forensic insights into their networks, applications and security posture. And with real-time service control, they can respond in a matter of seconds from our web interface and mobile application.


Why Our Partners Love Working with Us

  • Future-proof technology that ensures long-term customer value
  • Competitive compensation on all deals and renewals
  • Unparalleled support with dedicated account team throughout the customer lifecycle

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