The RapidScale Vision:

Our vision is to provide personalized cloud solutions to businesses across the globe. RapidScale strives to be the most customer-oriented managed cloud services provider in the industry. Our objective is to understand your organization’s long-term goals around delivering, supporting, and managing IT. Our personalized cloud solutions reflect the understanding that no two businesses are the same and neither should their cloud solutions. 

Tier 3, Class 1 for Complete Security and Confidence:

RapidScale’s data center facilities include: full credential-limited access to data centers, key card protocols, biometric scanning systems, exterior security systems, on-premises security guards, digital surveillance and recording, secured cages, around-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance monitor access, bulletproof glass, and employees that have undergone multiple, thorough background security checks. Additionally, our facilities include environmental controls such as redundant HVAC systems, circulated and filtered air, and fire suppression systems.

RapidScale runs out of three data centers, located in California, Texas and Virginia. We are Active-Active in those three locations, which means that real-time replication is occurring. In other words, if a data center in one location fails, the rest of the data centers take charge and maintain the data without any downtime.

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