About SpotCheck:

Headquartered in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico’s technology hub, SpotCheck is a highly flexible, innovative technology firm that delivers mission-critical line testing to make sure your communications are secure and operational. SpotCheck solutions serve companies and institutions that rely on backup lines when their primary networks fail, or rely on remote, point-of-sale locations for revenue generation.  Additionally, SpotCheck specialists can work on behalf of clients to resolve outages, audit service charges and reduce network costs.

Proprietary, Low-Cost Solutions Via Our Global Testing Network:

SpotCheck owns secure testing nodes at key Internet and telecoms connection points in strategic locations around the globe, including Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Guam and South Korea. These nodes operate proprietary software and hardware devices that virtually wipe away the traditional costs of international connections. With SpotCheck, you don’t have to choose between leading-edge technology and affordability.  SpotCheck’s solutions are affordable because they are based on leading-edge technology and engineering.

Innovative Solutions Development:

SpotCheck rapidly develops custom service, hardware and software solutions to solve your network planning and management needs.  From network auditing, engineering and service provider screening and selection to backup and disaster recovery planning, SpotCheck can help you optimize your corporate network expenditures and manage your emergency planning.  SpotCheck can develop the network architecture for your unmanned or remote locations, or remote point-of-sale locations.  And SpotCheck can leverage its engineering know-how to develop custom hardware and software solutions to unique network, data and communications challenges.

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