Verizon Wireless


We design, build and operate global networks, information systems and mobile technologies that connect people, grow businesses and economies, and improve communities.   

Technology inspires us. We believe that through our powerful technology, we can help transform any industry, leave a positive impact on any issue and create new possibilities for our customers and our world.

Connecting consumers:

Whether it’s on-the-go entertainment or in-home connectivity, Verizon FiOS and Wireless solutions give consumers the opportunity to live connected lives — anytime, anywhere.

Supporting small businesses:

From in-store entertainment and Wi-Fi to inventory management solutions, we give small business owners the technology and support they need to grow their bottom line and connect closely with their customers.

Growing enterprises:

We help enterprise, government and wholesaler customers expand their reach, increase agility and adapt successfully in today’s rapidly changing environment. We design, build and operate the networks, information systems and mobile technologies they need now and into the future.

Powering social change:

From education and healthcare to sustainability and transportation, we collaborate with industry innovators and entrepreneurs to develop powerful answers for the social challenges of our day.

Our Technology:

We engineer powerful technology. From 4G wireless to FiOS Internet, video to telematics, cloud, security and more, we offer technology products and solutions that transform the way our customers connect, collaborate and innovate.

Mobile: Largest nationwide 4G LTE network:

Our 4G LTE network is the largest, most reliable network in America.

We’ve elevated the industry standard for connectivity by deploying a next-generation wireless network that increases coverage and capacity for customers and stretches the limits of what can be delivered over the wireless platform.

Fiber: America’s top-rated broadband service:

By 2017, video streaming will account for almost 70 percent of all consumer Internet traffic. We’re prepared with FiOS® — the largest, most advanced 100 percent fiber-to-the-home network in America — so that our customers can enjoy faster upload Internet speeds and higher bandwidth when uploading videos or pictures to the Web.

Global network & infrastructure: One of the most connected Internet backbones:

Our global Internet network is one of the most expansive in the world. We’re adding 100 GB speeds in Europe and the U.S. to ensure these vital trade routes can handle the huge increases in digital cargo. We also deliver cloud, security, telematics and managed services to help nearly 5,000 enterprises work faster, better and more securely in the digital age.

Cloud: Extensive cloud infrastructure:

Verizon’s global network of data centers stores vital information, while enabling mobile commerce, security, healthcare and telematics innovations around the world.

M2M: "Internet of Things":

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is a platform that embeds wireless Internet connections into electronics, machines, buildings & more. Connected machines are creating the “Internet of Things", which is transforming how businesses operate and customers interact with their environment.  

Verizon’s advanced telematics solutions is helping enterprises streamline supply chains and understand customer needs through the power of connected machines.

Digital media services: Content management & delivery:

Today’s consumers crave premium video content as fast as brands can deliver it — on smartphones, tablets, digital signage & big-screen entertainment venues. Verizon Digital Media Services is helping businesses manage and distribute their branded content to audiences globally.

Security: Risk management safety net:

With e-commerce growing rapidly, cybersecurity is a big concern for enterprises and consumers alike. Our security solutions are helping enterprises protect their customers’ data and ensure the safety of their online operations.

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